Pastor’s Corner: April 2017

Mindfulness requires us to slow down and become completely aware of the moment we are living in.     

When did you first notice the days were really longer? I don’t mean knowing the days are longer because we “Spring Ahead” our clocks or because the daily TV weather report displays the minutes of daylight gained. 

I mean, when did you take the time to experience the change in the length of day this year? Do you know what was it that caught your eye or made you think, “huh, the day is actually getting longer.”?   

It’s a practice in mindfulness I look forward to every spring. The subtle changes of hew, the length of shadows, all of it. The change is not just in the environment around me but in me as well. The more I am aware the more I am alive. This practice of mindfulness pulls me out of my head and self-interested thoughts. It awakens the mystery and awe that resides deeply in my soul and reminds me I am connected, a part, of this world. 

Jesus calls us to the practice of mindfulness. We are to consider the lilies and to see the ‘unseen’ neighbor. We are to become so keenly aware of our surroundings that we learn from every aspect of creation.  To see the hearty, brave little crocuses making themselves known in the snow and mud is a joy. There is certainty and hope in their bright green shoots and brightly colored buds. How do they “know” when to ‘spring forth’? How do they dare to bud during such a changing and trying time of year? How do we?

Jesus lived in mindfulness. He knew exactly what was going on around him in the lives of the people and the politics. He knew when to ‘spring forth’ and begin His ministry. He knew that his lessons of transformation and change would be difficult to hear in that chaotic time and would bring about the ‘killing frost’ of a religious-political storm. Yet still He bloomed. 

Jesus knew and He said we could know, too, if we would be open and mindful of the life around us. Mindfulness will guide us to ‘know’ when to bloom where we are planted or whether we are to give our ‘field’ a much-needed rest. Whether it is a fair spring day or “blowin’ a gale” or snowing in April, we will know when to bloom. And like Jesus, we will rise again.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Chellie


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