John Street has suspended all in-person worship and events until further notice.

While the church is closed, Chellie is livestreaming Mid Day Prayers on our Facebook page.

An archive of the sessions is updated daily on our YouTube channel.

Worship services are archived also and can be found on the Off-Site Services playlist and on our website under ‘Worship with Us’ (click here).

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Maundy Thursday

ArticleS: What does “Maundy Thursday” mean?Maundy Thursday and the Command to Love Verses to Read: Matthew 26:17-75Mark 14:12-72Luke 22:1-65John 13:12-16John 13-18:27Isaiah 50:4-10 Videos: Reflection: On Maundy Thursday, we remember Judas’ betrayal, the disciples’ abandonment and Peter’s denial. Are there ways we betray, abandon or deny Jesus? 

Holy Week Wednesday

Verses to read: Matthew 26:6-16Luke 21Mark 14:1-11Romans 5:10 Videos: Reflection: On Wednesday of Holy Week, we remember the example of sacrificial worship demonstrated by the woman who anointed Jesus. What sacrifices can we make for Jesus today?

Holy Tuesday

Verses to read: Luke 20Luke 21:37-38Luke 22:39Isaiah 49:1-4Psalm 110Psalm 118:19-27 Videos: Reflection: On Tuesday of Holy Week, we remember that it was Jesus’ usual practice to be with his disciples for the purpose of teaching and prayer. How might we follow his example this Holy Week when we are unable to be physically present as … Continue reading Holy Tuesday

Holy Monday

Verses to read: Matthew 21:18-26:5Mark 11:1-13:36Luke 19:41-48Luke 20:1-22:6John 12:37-50Isaiah 42:1-4Isaiah 56:1-8 Videos: Reflection: On Monday of Holy Week, we remember Jesus’ teachings to his disciples, including the greatest command: to love God and our neighbors (Matthew 22:37-40). How can we demonstrate love to God and our neighbors this Holy Week?

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