Pastor’s Corner: March 2017

Sometimes an outline or a chart can say more than flowery language or an extensive exposition on a topic. That’s what happened for me when I found a great outline/chart of The Sermon on the Mount as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.  The flow of teachings from Blessings, to Right-Relatedness: with God and others, to Worship reflects a familiar pattern: the CALL TO SERVICE from God of the Covenants to the people of God. It was so simple and clear to see all the connections. I was so excited to share it with all of you that I bookmarked it to share this month – since we’re studying Jesus’ lessons on practical piety. 

So… what did I do with the book?

Here’s my attempt at re-creating that chart for you.


Establishing Jesus’ Teaching Authority Mt. 5:1-2

more than prophet/Messiah
king w/ ‘royal subjects’ at inaugural address.

Blessing of the People The Beatitudes Mt. 5:3-12

  1. Poor in Spirit (5:3)
  2. Those who Mourn (5:4)
  3. The Meek (5:5)
  4. Hunger-Thirst for Righteousness (5:6)
  5. The Merciful (5:7)
  6. The Pure in Heart (5:8)
  7. The Peacemakers (5:9)
  8. The Persecuted for Righteousness Sake (5:10, 11-12)

8a. Those who persevere, though persecuted,
‘rejoice’/ ‘be exceedingly glad’ for your
work builds upon those who were before you
and sets the groundwork for those who will
come after you.

Call to Ministry / Call to Service    Mt. 5:13-16

Be Salt / Be Light / Be Leavening in a hurting/oppressed world.

Jesus’ Establishes the Historical Line of Teaching  Mt. 5:17-20

Fulfillment of The Law

‘The Law’= {5 Books of Moses: 1st 5 Books of Old Test.}

TORAH = The Law + The Prophets 

  Jesus offers a ‘corrective’ interpretation of The Law

Quality of Living in Right-Relationship {righteousness} with ‘Others  

Who is “Called to Serve” {everyone who hears}

The Correctives to Live By Mt. 5:21-48

  1. Anger/Murder (5:21-26)
  2. Lust (5:27-30)
  3. Divorce/Fidelity & Wellness in Relationship (5:31-32)
    Jesus is especially concerned with the rights/wellness of women
  4. Truthfulness/Fidelity in Oaths (5:33-37)
  5. Practice of Nonviolent Resistance (5:38-42)
  6. Love for Enemy: the ‘Other’ as Neighbor (5:43-48)
    Imitate GOD’s Compassion

Personal Piety / Ways to Become Better-Related Mt. 6:1 – 7:12

  1. Charitable Giving is service – not for recognition (6:1-4)
  2. ALL Prayer is directed to GOD – not for ‘show’ (6:5-8)
    {not literally ‘private/secret’ but rather the intention of the prayer}

2a. Model Prayer = The Lord’s Prayer (6:9-13)

  1. Fasting for the right reasons (6:16-18)
  2. Right-Relatedness to Money/Wealth

4a. What do you treasure most? (6:19-21)
4b. Generous Eye/Compassionate Body (6:22-23)
4c. GOD or Money: Money as Idol-Worship (6:24)

  1. (4d) Trust in God: “Don’t Worry, Be Faithful” (6:25-34)
  2. The Sin of Judgmentalism is self-indulgence (7:1-6) and a lack of gratitude for GOD’s mercy & grace
  3. Pray! For all with GOD all things are possible (7:7-11)
  4. THE GOLDEN RULE! Sums it all it  (7:12)
    This IS the whole Torah (The Law & The Prophets)

Final Caution & Call to Proper Living (GK: poieo = “do” or “make”) Mt. 7:13-23

  1. Narrow Gate = do/live what is right (7:13-14)
  2. Beware of False Teachings/Bad Role-Models (7:15-20)
    look for the outcome of their actions= Paul’s Fruit of the Spirit
  1. Disciples Act Upon Jesus’ teachings (7:21-23)
    Not just possess/know/quote Jesus’ words
    Precursor to The Great Commission (28:18-20)
  1. Promise of Blessing & Curse Mt. 7:24-27

Blessing: All who Hear & Act will be sustained

Curse: All who Hear & Don’t Act will be ‘adrift’

Jesus’ Authority is Affirmed Mt. 7:28-29

Re-statement of the Opening of the Call (Mt. 5:1-2)

May this be fruitful in your discernment of how God is calling upon you to “Seek first the Kin-dom.”

Rev. Chellie 

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