Pastor’s Corner: May 2017

“Give it back!”

“That’s mine!”

“I don’t want to share!”

“Why can’t they get their own?!?”

Sharing is one of those relational skills that we work on from toddlerhood right into adulthood. 

Sharing requires us to have compassion and empathy for another. 

Sharing requires a beginning sense of permanence – like playing “Peek-a-Boo” with a baby: when they see you they know you’re there but hide your face or go to another room and your gone.

Sharing means you’re developing trust in others, or working in it, so you can let something go and that it will return. And that the other will treat your ‘whatever’ with the same care and respect that you do.

And yes, sharing also includes risk.  But what relationship doesn’t include risk?

July 1, 2017 our relationship together grows into something different. I will be serving a Dual Appointment: PUMCST & JSUMC (John St. UMC, Camden, ME). Both church communities will remain independent and both church will share the same pastor. All members of this Dual Appointment are invited to enter into a new relationship with each other. Learning to share what we know and love and ‘have’; learning to trust and respect and welcome; learning to listen and dream and risk; learning to make mistakes and ask forgiveness and covenant again. 

This really is not much different from the relationship we have already. I shared my time between PUMCST and Vinalhaven School. My time and energy was shared. What’s different in this shared ministry is that my time and energy will be focused on one career: ministry.  My prayer is this will actually be less tiring and more inspiring. But it will require trust and cooperation, thinking outside of the box and sharing of the work.

Let us look forward to this growth and change. May God bless us and make us fruitful, in all grace and mercy and love.

Pastor Chellie

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