Pastor’s Corner: December 2018

This new liturgical year leaves the stark; in-your-face style of Mark’s Gospel and enters the justice-seeking compassion of Luke’s. Our real world situations have been emotionally and spiritually exhaustive this past year. Luke’s Gospel comes as a much needed reprieve with a clearer message of hope, a clear message of where to look for God’s … Continue reading Pastor’s Corner: December 2018

Pastor’s Corner: February 2018

The scriptures for the first Sunday of February, the Sunday before the Transfiguration, are Isaiah 40:21-31 and Mark 1:29-39. Since I’m preaching about the healing of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law (Mk 1:29-31), I thought I’d share my thoughts on another important message found in these verses: the Bigness is Smallness of GOD. Isaiah offers a litany … Continue reading Pastor’s Corner: February 2018