Pastor’s Corner: December 2018

This new liturgical year leaves the stark; in-your-face style of Mark’s Gospel and enters the justice-seeking compassion of Luke’s. Our real world situations have been emotionally and spiritually exhaustive this past year. Luke’s Gospel comes as a much needed reprieve with a clearer message of hope, a clear message of where to look for God’s … Continue reading Pastor’s Corner: December 2018

Pastor’s Corner: May 2018

So, the Council of Bishops ended their week of prayer, discernment and decision making on what the direction of the United Methodist Church will look like in the near future. The primary topic was what to do with the discriminatory language in the Book of Discipline, specifically in the “Social Principles” where homosexuality is seen … Continue reading Pastor’s Corner: May 2018

Pastor’s Corner: February 2018

The scriptures for the first Sunday of February, the Sunday before the Transfiguration, are Isaiah 40:21-31 and Mark 1:29-39. Since I’m preaching about the healing of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law (Mk 1:29-31), I thought I’d share my thoughts on another important message found in these verses: the Bigness is Smallness of GOD. Isaiah offers a litany … Continue reading Pastor’s Corner: February 2018

Pastor’s Corner: October 2017

I love the changing foliage; the dark late-summer green so subtly shifting to a yellowy-orange or orangey-red.  My favorite leaves are the multi-colored ones - not fully ‘become’ what they are transitioning to be and yet still holding-on, or letting-go, of what they once were.  When you get the chance, look closely at one of … Continue reading Pastor’s Corner: October 2017