Pastor’s Corner: September 2019

From Rev. Erik Kara of Christ Trinity Church Sheffield, MA
August 20, 2019

His church purchased rainbow colored Adirondack chairs to place in the yard beside
the church as a symbol of their openness and welcome to all persons. A simple
gesture with no fanfare. Here’s what happened.

“Since “The Chairs”; were placed in front of our church, a few folks have taken to texting one another and meeting there for drinks, snacks or just to chat in the evening.

It’s not a program, not scheduled, and was in no way organized. Last night, someone
with a tray of leftover mini-burgers texted, “40 Mini burgers. Chairs at 6?” and a few folks came over.

After we were there for a bit, some folks none of us knew drove by and we waved.
They continued down the street, but then turned around, came back, and stopped.
We invited them over, found them something to drink, shared our snacks, discovered
they had just bought a house in town and we all made new friends.

It’s light in the darkness… a glimpse of the Kingdom… and all from just sitting in a chair on the lawn of the church.”

Hmmm…Simple gestures and signs of welcome paired with spontaneous gatherings.
Spirit moving here?


From: Christ Trinity Church, Sheffield, MA Facebook page

Grace Abounds
Rev. Chellie

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