October-November 2022

{abbreviated from My Pastor’s Review of 2022 in the Annual Report} 

It has been a year of rough seas for me.   

The administrative and technological effects from the pandemic continue to be complicate church work.   

I am grateful to everyone in both churches who have helped us write grants for equipment, improve our livestream, keep the internet connected, learning new formats and new equipment, and being VERY FLEXIBLE! We have certainly ridden the tides. 

The level of care my parents required increased as their conditions advanced with their age.  My father’s passing on October 1st was a deep sadness.  Yet, I am grateful that he is released into Divine Wholeness and that my mother continues to do well.  My own breast cancer diagnosis this June was unexpected – perhaps explaining some of my exhaustion and lack of focus.  My treatment schedule is rigorous and lengthy.  I am forever grateful to the leadership of both PUMCST & JSUMC as well as Rev. Jackie Brannen DS , for the support, encouragement, and work schedule flexibility.  Your presence and prayers have made riding this unpredictable wave towards the shore more doable.  I know, in my very being, that I will completely recover from this cancer.   

This cancer will require more focus and energy than I have ever given to myself – a gift really.  A gift of self-care I must give and make a priority if I am to heal fully.  I am also a realist.  I know I do not have enough energy to give to others and to serve two churches.  You deserve and require a pastor who can offer you their time and skills in helping you achieve your goals and live into your ministry.  I am no longer able to offer that to you.   

When I met with Rev. Brannen, DS in August, I requested not to be appointed to a church in 2023.  I plan to  complete this appointment year which end June 30, 2023.  I need a time of rest and renewal.  What that looks like I have no idea.  But I have placed my trust in God’s Spirit to guide me and open opportunities that I may not have considered.  I am thankful for PUMCST, JSUMC, the friends and the colleagues who are offering their support and nurturing me (and nourishing me) in this time of uncertainty and discernment.   

Until June 2023, we will celebrate the coming birth of Christ through Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany.  We will reflect on His calling upon our life as a church during Lent and Holy Week.  And we will celebrate the New Life that the Risen Christ offers during Easter and into the Renewal of our Spirit at Pentecost.   

You are a constant, reliable, and flowing people.   You are resilient and compassionate.  You have weathered storms and heartaches.  You have rejoiced with the calm.  You have made yourselves vulnerable and have turned to each other to learn to grow and change with Christ’s help.  And You have done it all with love and grace.  You are an amazing faithful people. 

May God continue to bless you and make you so. 

With Much Love and Peace, 

Rev. Michelle M. Wiley 

Pastor Chellie 

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