Pastor’s Corner: June 2020

What is there to say? Lent and Easter have come and gone. 
Times of great communal ritual and celebrations.
A Time also for uncertainty and re-thinking what it means to be called to live in Community. 

We’ve heard the Scripture passages from Luke and John.
Questions and doubts on how to move on, how to continue His teachings now that He’s gone.
Do we even want to continue to move on / move forward with “The Plan.” 
It might be easier if we just went back to living in the same old way – you know… Normal.

But there is never a “going back” after a time such as this.
Not now, with all we’ve seen and all we’ve heard.
All we’ve learned and all we’ve come to realize there is no way back… to That Normal.

Not after the Feeding of those who hungered in both body and soul
Not after the Healing of those bruised and beaten by the world
Not after the Welcoming of those pushed aside, ignored and even cast out by those who can

Not after the confrontations with the authorities
Not after the brutal beatings and torture and murder of innocent
Not after life beyond life – New Life after Old Death

Not after offers of “Peace be with You” from scarred hands and opened side
Not after His words of assurance, of eternal Presence, to Comfort and to Guide. 

We’ve heard the Scripture passages from Acts and 1 Peter. 
The Advocate / The Comforter will be given 
To Guide and to Strengthen, to Sustain in times of disease and dis-ease. 
To call forth all people to become A People

A People of a New Way – A New Normal
Where all Life is of equal worth and is valued 
Where human classifications and characterizations have no place, 
There are no dividing lines, no boundaries and boarders in This Plan -This Normal
Where every Life is nurtured and cared for and honored for the Blessing that they are
Where the Divine Spark is allowed to grow into the Divine Flame.

And now it is Pentecost. 
Once again The Advocate / The Comforter is given 
To Guide and to Strengthen, to Sustain in times of disease and dis-ease.
To call forth all people to become A People 
A People who obey His commandments “Love one another as I have loved you.” 
Obey Loving one another through acts of Kindness and Gentleness and dare I say,.. Love.

This Pentecost Spirit rests upon us, Church. 
Giving us a Spirit of Comfort in times of disease and dis-ease 
But also a Spirit of Courage that drives us out of our shuttered rooms and homes 
To Proclaim the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ – The Way / The Plan / The New Normal 
A beaten and battered, brown skinned outcast, 
Who spoke God’s Truth to those in earthly seats of authority 
And who was murdered for daring to speak God’s Truth

We are given a Spirit of Solidarity
To stand side by side with those beaten and battered – like Him – daily 
To name the injustices that have been normalized for centuries
To lend a hand and offer a voice when asked to join in bringing about God’s Beloved Community.

This Pentecost Spirit does not go easy on us 
We have been more than willing to accept the Spirit of Comfort 
but the other Gifts…???

It is time for us to listen. Time to receive. Time to enter The New Normal – Christ’s Normal. 
Where people are people – Where we are ALL Divinely one. 
If only we will. If only.

Health & Wellness, 
Pastor Chellie

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