Goings On and Doings Update: May 9, 2020

BUILDING & GROUNDS: The building is disinfected and limited administrative work is being done in the office. John, our custodian, has a great start on cleaning up the grounds. Bob Smith programed the carillon to play Easter hymns. Don Moody continues to check on the humidifier in the piano.

CHECK-IN PHONE CALLS: Please continue calling the people on your Church Community Phone List. There are a few people I have not been able to reach by phone. Remember to ask if there is anything they might need assistance with or prayers for. If someone is having a difficult time, encourage them to call me at (207) 975-1615 or offer to contact me and I’ll call them.  

     I am here if you need me. Pastor Chellie

BUTTERFLY HUGS NEEDED! The last two Sundays I’ve been driving around and collecting Butterfly Hugs from church members.  What are Butterfly Hugs you ask?  Hold your arms out like wings and slowly flap them.   I’ll call you when I’m close to your house and invite you to come to the door. We’ll send a hug across the driveway. I’d love to take a picture of you Butterfly Hugging to post on our web & Facebook pages. 

PLEDGES: We may not be in the building but our monthly expenses – like yours- continue. We appreciate your effort in staying current with your pledges and offerings. If possible, please mail to: 

Joyce Smith
PO Box 295
Rockport, ME 04856

Write PLEDGE or OFFERING on the memo line.  

You may also want to consider setting up BILL PAYAsk your bank for more information. 

FINANCES: Our application to CARES Act / Payroll Protection Program (PPP) has been approved. Richard will share an update on this in the coming weeks.   



Video Worship w/Live Message
It’s time to see each other leading worship!
I’ll create a video of volunteers reading different parts of worship and post/publish it on Facebook Live Premiere. Then forty minutes later I’ll offer my message Live on Facebook Live.

Afternoon Tea Groups via Zoom   TBD   30 mins
My idea is to offer a time to relax and check-in while enjoying our favorite snack and beverage
Request participation and Rev. Chellie will send you the link.

Bible Study via Facebook Group or Zoom
My hope is to offer Studies both digitally and in-person when we can be together in the same room.

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