Part of the Family: April 22, 2020

DOINGS & GOINGS ON: I continue to attend weekly meetings and trainings on Worship, Funeral, Weddings COVID19 protocols. The best news here is that Maine is doing an incredible job of “social distancing” and that the exposure rate remains relatively low. This is encouraging but we need to remain vigilant and cautious. Just think of the joy we will have when we can once again worship and celebrate in person!

Other than some computer issues – which have been resolved as of today, thanks, Rockbound Computers in Rockland! – I’m far more comfortable with creating digital worship experiences. My goal is to go live on multiple platforms (Facebook Live; YouTube and Zoom) for our May 3rd Sunday worship & Communion.

I will continue to try and write a weekly update so everyone knows what’s happening.  If you are connected to the internet, please find this update on our Webpage – you will not receive a mailed copy. Currently there are 20 people receiving this update by mail because they are not connected to the internet. If you know of someone who is not receiving an update please call Chellie or Pam some they can be added to the mailing list.

I called everyone from JSUMC on Holy Saturday – the day after the snowstorm. I was able to talk with most of you but not everyone. Phone lines and electricity was still down for several of you. The winner for the most snow was Barbara Ludwig with 14”!!!  I’ll be calling everyone again in another week. It will be great to hear your voices.

Area Clergy have been asked to submit articles for the Courier/Free Press. I’m working on an article and I’ll let you know when I submit it so you can be looking for it. 

Please remember to call the members of your Phone Community every week! It’s always good to have someone different to chat with during the week. 

BUILDING & GROUNDS:  A BIG shout-out to our custodian John Capalbo! John continues to do an amazing job for us. This week he completed disinfecting the entire building! He re-sanitizes the office, bathrooms and all door handles after people have been in the office. This week he plans on beginning with outdoor clean-up. Thanks, John!

WORSHIP & PRAYER TIME: live-streamed on Facebook Live

  • Mid-Day Prayers (M-F) @ 12:30 pm 
  • Sunday Worship @ 10:00 am 

Archived On-Line Worship Experiences:

MEETINGS: Zoom Council meeting will be scheduled for Thursday April 29th

FINANCE/PLEDGES:  We may not be in the building but our monthly expenses – like yours- continue. We appreciate your effort in staying current with your pledges and offerings. If possible, please mail to: Joyce Smith PO Box 295, Rockport, ME 04856. Write PLEDGE or OFFERING on the memo line.  

Richard has submitted our application for the CARES Act (Payroll Protection) to help small businesses and non-profits meet their expenses and keep people employed -which helps stabilize the economy. We now wait. 

Grace Abounds!

Pastor Chellie

JSUMC Prayer Requests

HEALING & WELLNESS: Heath Barrett 

Verso Paper Mill Explosion 4-15-2020 & The people of Jay, ME 

COMFORT & PRESENCE: Carrie B. (Cancer/Hospice)

Psalm 150

Common English Bible Translation (CEB)

Praise the Lord!

    Praise God in his sanctuary!
    Praise God in his fortress, the sky!
    Praise God in his mighty acts!
    Praise God as suits his incredible greatness!
    Praise God with the blast of the ram’s horn!
    Praise God with lute and lyre!
    Praise God with drum and dance!
    Praise God with strings and pipe!
    Praise God with loud cymbals!
    Praise God with clashing cymbals!
Let every living thing praise the Lord!

    Praise the Lord!

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