Part of the Family Update

So, let’s see, what’s new since I last wrote to you… 

Early this week Bishop Devadhar sent an email closing all UMC facilities and ending ALL gatherings, including Drive-In Worship and Blessings. He said it’s time for the churches who have not begun using digital platforms/social media to do so.  It was the right decision – to close everything. And it was the right decision for Gov. Mills to give the Shelter-in-Place order for the entire state later that same day. 

It was the right decision and it’s the right time we move into the digital-land of social media and virtual experiences. Truth be told, I was beginning to feel a bit apprehensive about meeting – though I’m pretty disappointed about missing “Palms on Parade”.  

The church building and grounds are closed to regular business.  The only exception is for maintenance checks. If you think you must enter the building you need to first contact me, Rev. Chellie. I will make the decision as to whether or not the request for entry will be granted.

Facebook Live & ZOOM Meetings:

We have crossed the River and have entered the world of Social Gathering Platforms. I’ve spent HOURS learning how to use these apps (applications). I’m not great at them yet but I’ve gotta tell ya – they’re not as hard or as impersonal as I first thought. I’ve become more comfortable with Facebook Live as I produce my Mid-Day Prayers (M-F) at 12:30 pm and live-streamed last week’s worship from the parking lot.  I scheduled a test-run meeting using ZOOM and we held our first ZOOM Council Meeting on Saturday at 4:00 pm! We could see and hear each other. We saw the agenda on the screen and I typed minutes as we talked. It actually worked pretty well! I think this is going to be a tool we use more often.


Richard & I have established a protocol for mail collection and banking.

If at all possible, please mail your regular pledges and offerings to:

Joyce Smith
PO Box 295
Rockport, ME 04856

Write PLEDGE or OFFERING on the memo line. 

Congress passed the CARES Act (Payroll Protection) to help small businesses and non-profits meet their expenses and keep people working. Churches qualify for this program. Richard has spoken with the bank and obtained the application and is in the process of collecting the data. This is a promising piece. Thanks, Richard, for all the hard work and following up on all the information I’ve been sending your way!

Staying Connected:

You’re all doing a great job of calling one another and passing along prayer concerns!  These simple acts are a POWERFUL example of Christ’s Church AT WORK in the world.

I love the message (meme) that says, “The church isn’t empty. The church has been deployed!” That’s right, Jesus has left the building and we followed Him. We all really miss seeing one another but we can come together in the Spirit by following one of Our On-Line Worship Experiences can be found on our Facebook Page, our Webpage and on our YouTube Channel

Ups and Downs are to be expected. These times of distancing and wilderness can be lonely and difficult. Find ways to be GOOD TO YOURSELF! Stop your busyness – take a break – get outside – enjoy the sun (when it comes) – take a drive – hang Teddy Bears & Easter Eggs in your windows & on your doors & from your mailboxes & in your cars! Do something silly. Listen to Music & the Birds!  Breathe!

Holy Week & Easter Ideas

  •      Virtual Parade of Greens Take pictures of green branches: trees, plants, flowers or branches you hang on your mailbox, car, door… Email the pictures to me. I’ll do my best to create a slide show.

  •      In Your Easter Bonnet Send me a picture of you dressed up in your Easter Best. THEN add that “special” Easter bonnet to your ensemble and share that picture, too!  Or send before and after pictures ex: before & after coffee / before & after the sermon you get the idea.

  •     Holy Humor Egg/Cross Necklaces Add a little bling to your Easter Sunday Best by creating the most sparkly, gaudy, “blingiest” Cross or Easter egg necklace your home supplies can make. Take a picture and share it. You could even record yourself singing or telling a joke while wearing your blingy outfit. I’ll do my best to create a video of all your “entries.” Who will ‘wear the crown’? or ‘bear the cross’?

If you’re interested in the Zoom Coffee Fellowship, Maundy Thurs or Good Friday evening service. Please let me know so I can send you the link to the meeting.

Holy Week Schedule:

Su 4/5 Palm Sunday

9:00 – 9:40 am Facebook Live Worship

We will share Communion / Love Feast so have something to eat and drink while you watch the service 

10 – 10:40 am Zoom Coffee Fellowship

Mon – Wed 4/6-4/8

12:30 pm Mid-Day Prayers on Facebook Live

Th 4/09 Maundy Thursday

12:30 pm Mid-Day Communion on Facebook Live

7:00 pm Facebook Live or Zoom

F 4/10 Good Friday

12:30 pm Prayer on Facebook Live

7:00 pm Reading of Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross on Facebook Live or Zoom

Sa 4/11 Holy Saturday

12:30 pm Prayers (the Great Unknowing) on Facebook Live

Su 4/12 EASTER

5:30 am SUNRISE service on Facebook Live

I’ll be somewhere for First Light & reading the Resurrection Story

10:00 am EASTER MORNING on Facebook Live

{Note the time change} 


Facebook Live

 Wear your Easter Bonnet and Create an Easter Egg or Cross Necklace    
Record yourself telling a joke or singing a song

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