Wisdom in Job

This week, our discussion of the wisdom books moves to Job which examines how we can trust God when life seems unfair and bad things happen to good people.

The Bible Project; The Book of Job

In this book, a prosperous man named Job, who has always done as God wanted. One day, Satan asks God if Job is only good because he is rewarded for it. God allows Satan to test Job’s faith by taking everything from him. Job’s own wife and friends turn on him and say that he must have done something to deserve this punishment. They urge him to pray for forgiven. Job wants to plead his case, but doesn’t know how. He wants to complain to God about his suffering, but does not know how to reach him. Instead, he resolves to continue seeking wisdom through fearing God and avoiding evil.

Overview of Job

Finally, God comes to speak to Job and his friends about how little they know about creation and the power God possesses. Job accepts this and asks that God forgive his friends. This pleases God who returns to Job twice what Satan had taken away.

What questions does the Book of Job raise for you? Leave them in a comment below!

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