Pastor’s Corner: March 2018

March is such a funny month, not really winter and not yet spring.  It’s like the world is in a holding pattern waiting for a decision to be made.  Exactly what that decision is I’m not sure. And the fact that Lent is always in March just seems to add to the uncertainty.

In March, we read of Jesus’ life and teachings and how they disturbed the political, social and religious leaders of His day, and our own.  The crowds of followers will dwindle to a handful of mourners. Joyful hosannas will become angry “crucify him” and anguished sobs. Jesus lived obediently His Jewish tradition and honestly lived out His understanding of God’s will for Him.  His conviction was strong.  

Yet in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus was unsure.  Jesus prayed, doubted, cried and prayed some more. His courage and conviction returned for the trial but once again upon the Cross Jesus cried out, “Eloi, Eloi lama sabacthani!”  “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me!” Jesus, and the rest of the world, would have to wait to see if God’s promise was real. Wait for God’s answer to this horrifying event.

Holy Saturday is all about the openness to uncertainty.  It is the expanse between Good Friday’s sorrow and Easter’s jubilation.  It is the time we must, in Faith, truly rely on the Promises of God. Pray the pray, read the Words, feel the feelings, move through the motions and let God be God.  How true the experience of uncertainty is and how hard we try to run from it.  

None of us knows what April will be like but the whipping winds of March will sure bring about the change of season.  This year the last Saturday of March is Holy Saturday. I invite you to experience the day. Uncertainty is Holy Ground, for there God meets us in the midst of our pain and slowly reveals to us the fullness of grace. 

Grace & Peace,
Rev. Chellie

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