Pastor’s Corner: November 2015

God has a dream, a vision for the world.
A vision that has been revealed, pondered, studied and lived out.
A vision that has both small and humongous pieces.
A vision that is both inviting and repelling.
A vision so beyond our individual imagining that it has taken millions of people millennia to simply begin it’s becoming. 

It has to be, for a vision needs to be expansive enough to allow for new possibilities to spring forth from its growth.  A vision needs to inspire hope and maybe raise a bit of anxiety, too.

Abraham and Sarah in their old age were to give birth to a nation of people faithful to One-God

Moses was to lead twelve tribes of migrant refugees/illegal aliens over 40 years into a new land

Prophets were to change the hearts and minds of those twelve nations

Jesus proclaimed God’s Kingdom could be realized here “…on earth as it is in heaven…”

Twelve men and numbers of un-named women believed and lived and died for it

And look what has sprung forth:

Faithful people creating houses for prayer and hope 

Faithful people creating safe havens for refugees fleeing persecution and war

Faithful people pooling their resources to dig wells and feed the poor,

to build homes and schools, to buy medicines and provide surgeries. 

Faithful people standing against injustice with their voice and their songs, 

with their letters and vote, with their hands and with their feet.

Faithful people living into God’s vision for the world.

Even if it’s a bit overwhelming to consider 

or feels unrealistic or unattainable – that’s being a part of God’s vision.

And being a part of the whole vision means 

you can focus on doing your part really well

because someone else is focusing on the other parts.

The immigrants that settled here at the “Head of the Bay” on “The Keag” had a vision for their lives and for this town.  It included a Christian Church to meet the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of the people around them. They were faithful people responding to the needs around them. I’m sure they had all the doubts and excuses we have.  But they dreamed and acted on those dreams anyway – they knew they were a part of God’s bigger vision. And look where we are. 

What’s PUMCST’s next piece of God’s vision?

Local Meals on Wheels / Community Lunchbox / Emergency Shelter / Community Resource Center Aging in Place Education / Elder Programing / Small Community-Building Groups / Support Groups

Contemporary Worship /… / …

Dare we dream it? Dare we live it? 

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Chellie


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