Pastor’s Corner: October 2013

The Symbolism of Rev. Chellie’s Robe Cross

I apologize for the length of this Pastor’s Corner.  There have been so many people asking me about the meaning of my robe cross that I thought I’d try to do it here in the newsletter.  One thing it is not is a lobster.   During my last semester of seminary, I sat down with a jewelry designer friend of mine to create a robe cross.  I wanted it to resemble a cross yet symbolize the centrality of covenant theology for me.  

THE SHAPE is derived from a simple Celtic Knot and the Triquetra; which are ancient symbols of the Trinity.  The Triquentra is a knot with three equal arcs representing the continuous motion of eternity. Their connectedness expresses the indivisibility of their intertwining.  The center of the knot also forms a triangle, another symbol of the Trinity. I left the ends of the loops open suggesting God’s grace flows freely from the center.  

THE STONES in each loop of the knot, including the center, are the colors of the Liturgical Year.   I selected the stones so that their colors and “properties” symbolize God’s Covenants and the relationship between God’s action and our action to it.  

The Liturgical Year moves as follows:

Purple: Humanity cries out from a state of brokenness to God/the Divine 

Hesed =Compassionate, Steadfast Love

White: God/the Divine responds to our cries

Sabbath = Holy Rest, Glory and Praise

Green: God dwells with humanity and humanity responds to God’s Grace

Tsedaq= Right-Relatedness (righteousness)

Red: Holy Spirit bestows power and calls us to action

Mispat = Do Justice

SUGILITE (Purple =Divinity) Covenant: Hesed =  Steadfast, Compassionate Love

“A Love Stone” represents perfect spiritual love.  A powerful healing stone often used in work with cancer patients.  Protects gentle people from negativity. Gives a ‘free’ feeling to the wearer and aids in confidence and inspiration.

HOWLITE (White = Purity/Piety) Covenant: Sabbath = Holy Rest, Praise

Encourages emotional expression by combining the powers of reasoning, observation and patience.  Used to reduce pain, stress and rage. Promotes the process of artistic creation and the flow of creative ideas. Useful for workaholics.

BLOODSTONE (Green = Life/Spiritness) Covenant: Tsedaq = Right-Relatedness

“A Stone of Courage” A powerful healing stone thought to enhance physical and mental vitality.  Promotes a positive attitude, reduces stress, removes blocks and allows one to move forward. Also thought to help with blood iron deficiencies, hence bloodstone.

RED JASPER (Red = Holy Spirit/Mystery) Covenant: Mispat = Being about/Doing Justice

Helps one rectify unjust circumstances.  Provides for rescue in times of danger. Increases physical stamina.  Allows one to remember dreams and recall them upon waking. Prevents experiencing set-backs.


Hebrew Significance as Connected to Covenant

Annotation 2020-04-14 104725

Justice is the faithful application of God’s Will to our daily living

Righteousness is the living, dynamic relationship between humanity and God  wherein the individual is spiritually and morally acceptable to God.

Justice +Righteousness combine together and grow out of God’s Covenantal Relationship with humanity and by implication all of creation.  

Steadfast Love is shown by God who continually renews and establishes new covenants after human brokenness and cries of repentance. 

Rev. Chellie

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