Pastor’s Corner: June 2013

How does your relationship with this local church empower you to do what you feel called to do?  Why do you come here? Better yet, why would you invite someone to come here?  

So often the answers to these questions involve the DOING part of church.  You know, programs, special events, suppers, fundraisers… visible and tangible activity.  This type of DOING helps build relationship and from relationship grows trust. Trust nurtures commitment, which deepens the relationship.  

But if we focus too much on the DOING we neglect nurturing the BEING.  It is from BEING that we gain an understanding of who God is created us to be.  This requires contemplation, reflection, meditation… in other words; prayer, quiet and stillness.   It is great to have activity but we are also called to care and nurture each other’s hearts and souls.  Several times over the past year I have heard visitors to Peoples say things like, “I feel so welcomed by the people here.” or “I feel real joy here” or “The people seem to really care about one another.”  

I invite you to reflect on this poem and see what you think.  Maybe, when we look deep inside ourselves, we discover that we are a Living-Being Church. 

Grace & Peace,
Rev. Chellie

My church empowers me:
To keep a sky in my life, and look up
To keep my hand in God’s, and hold on
To see eternal values above the material
To put service before self, and to follow Christ
To see the good in others and praise it
To keep my spirit sweet and allow it to grow
To have a seeing eye, a feeling heart, and a helping hand
To test the motives of my life and choose the best ones
To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God.

                                                                      Byron H. Hatfield



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